Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Hobbit's Office

Ready for another entirely inappropriate paint color name?  See that beautiful green (which is actually MUCH less minty and much more SAGE-Y in real life) on the man's office walls?  Guess what Miller's named it?

That's right.

As my friend Brandon said, "Vapor from WHAT?"
Nevertheless, it was the perfect green for the hobbit's office.  He loves it.  It's an awesome color.

As you can tell from the photo, we've been buying paint instead of new shoes.
Also there's a lot of stuff still boxes.
But check out that awesome beat-up vintage leather chair!  Guess how much it cost?  NOTHING.  That's my favorite price.


  1. holy smokes heather, you are the blog master.
    seriously. blog. master.
    anyway... i found this:
    for some reason, i find it spooky and slightly unsettling.

    and mike doesn't need new shoes, those holes are so his feet can breathe. its like built in a/c or something like that.

    i enjoy your retro styling. very groovy.

  2. Ha! I know! Her blog is why I'm THE Orange Door Cottage, because she took the address I wanted ;).