Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes Please: Sexy Lighting

I am completely obsessed with sexy light fixtures. 
Sometimes, the man and I will be driving along and it'll be quiet for a while.  He'll look over and be like, "What were you thinking about?"  And I'll have this sheepish look on my face.  "Light Fixtures," I'll say.

Unfortunately, the ones I like the most seem to cost a fortune.  I'm tempted to call the designers and ask them if they'll accept photography as a fair trade.  Really what I want to do is learn how to make my own.  I have a grand old time at the hardware store, just looking at all the electrical bits and bobs and thinking about what I'd make with them.  Of course, I have no idea how to do that.  And electricity just isn't as forgiving of a thing to experiment with as, say, paint.  Nevertheless, today I am messing around with some lighting fixtures.  Nothing's completed yet so I don't have pictures, but here are some I've been inspired by lately. . .
Globe Pendant from West Elm
Idle Max from Y Lighting
Model Pendant from Y Lighting
Pendant Globe Chandelier from Y Lighting

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