Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday. DIY Lighting Fail.

You may have noticed I didn't post yesterday. 
That's because I was standing on the kitchen counter with my head in the ceiling. 

It all started with a simple clear glass globe fitter shade I found at Goodwill for exactly $1.99.  I thought, in a moment of what I thought was inspiration, hey!  I could make my own pendant light like THIS one!

Over the next several days, I obsessed.
I obsessed until I found THIS pendant kit at Home Depot.  But my glass fitter shade was the wrong size for it.  So I tried to adapt it -- looked all over for something exactly four inches around that I could drill a hole through.  I discovered an Adam's peanut butter jar lid fit perfectly.  Went through a huge headache to paint it, drill a socket hole through the center, and tiny holes around the edges for screws to hold my glass shade.  Even put a rubber band around the glass lip for the screws.

Last night was when it was all going to come together, and my beautiful globe pendant would be hanging gorgeously over the kitchen sink.

I got everything wired in properly (which took some doing, due to the mess that was up there before), and had exactly three seconds to stand back and look at the thing of beauty I had made before the glass cracked wide open.


So, right now there's just a bare bulb hanging over the sink.  Which, I have to admit, still looks better than the other teeny thing that was up there. 

Never fear though.  I will find a solution yet.  And I DID have success with some other house adventures this week, which I will show you in a bit.  I don't have a wedding this weekend, so my plan was to paint the front door orange at last.  Of course, it looks like mother nature has other plans for me what with this sudden burst of non-summer weather.

P.S. If ANYone knows of a company that actually makes pendant kits for 4" fitter shades, you let me know.

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