Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Rid of Fleas, Naturally [or, WHY WE DON'T HAVE INDOOR PETS]

Flash back to a few weeks ago, and enter a very pissed off Heather.
I don't even like TALKING about fleas.  It's embarassing, and it makes people itch.
You're itching right now, aren't you?  Yeah.

I was in denial for the first little bit.
It's our brand new house! It's beautiful! They couldn't possibly have left us fleas to contend with!
117 bites later, I realized it was not mosquitoes and I freaked out. 

The previous owners had at least one cat and a dog that lived inside.  I'm sorry but if you have indoor pets,  you have to clean them at least once a week and do flea treatments regularly.  Otherwise the nice people who buy your house when you leave are going to have scarred legs and emotions.

Anyway, I called Advanced Green Pet Solutions and a very nice man named John came over and told me that for just $55 I could buy all the supplies needed to eradicate them myself.  Thank you John!

We bought the Talstar and Nylar from him for $45, and picked up the sprayer at Home Depot for $10.  3 ounces of Talstar and 1.5 ounces of Nylar get mixed in the round-up sprayer with 1 gallon of water.  This stuff is great because it's not toxic for humans, does the job really well, and does not stink.  It's not like a bug bomb where you have to vacate the premises and give all your fish up for adoption.

The first day, you vacuum everything (and get rid of the bag) and wash the linens in hot water.  Then you spray a light coating anywhere the walls meet the floor, and especially in warm areas like around the fridge.  He told us to just spray around the edge of our box-spring to deter them, but that it was unnecessary to spray the whole mattress.  A light coating on all carpeted areas.  I also learned that leather and vinyl furniture is the bomb because fleas can't bore there.

A week later, you do the same thing again.  Then you wait two weeks, and do the last treatment.  We just finished our final treatment, and it's totally worked the whole time, thank goodness. 

And if anyone asks, that is why we refuse to have indoor pets.


  1. We have fleas too! UGH! There was a cat mishap and then we were gone for a month on our honeymoon and bam, flea colony. You are not alone! Grrrrotendous!

  2. Fleas are THE WORST! We treat/bathe all our pets religiously (minus the cats...they get treated but not bathed, we value our limbs too much!) and avoided an infestation for a few years. Then we moved into my mom's house and she left us a nice fat little flea colony. Since our pets get the treatment so obsessively, WE ended up being the ones that got eaten alive! How's that for irony? They are gross nasty little things!!! I hate them!!!

  3. seriously and totally safe for humans? we've just discovered them in our home and sometimes on the baby! insert freak-out here...