Friday, July 2, 2010

Score! New Dining Room Light

Well, in spite of my epic failure last night, I did manage to put up a new light in the dining nook.  I'd been looking for something like this, but they were either too expensive or too flimsy feeling.  I had a stroke of luck at Goodwill and found this baby for $6.99.  It was rigged up really weird though -- some kind of screw-it-into-a-light-bulb doohickey.  I had to cut the wires, and custom fit it to the ceiling plate of another Westinghouse Pendant Kit I had.

The ceiling plate isn't quite big enough so I can some of the raw edging around the top.  I'll fix it later.  My neck hurts.  Overall though, I quite like the new light. . .

Especially compaired to the old one. . .

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