Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New House Numbers

Our new house numbers arrived in the mail today.  I bought them on with my rewards points.  They're by Atlas Homewares in aged bronze (although they're not as aged as I was hoping they'd be).  I do like that they have little extenders so that they float out away from the house.

I like them a lot, but I can't decide if I like that the "0" is slightly off center, or if it's going to bother me later until I fix it.  What do you think?


  1. i think it looks very lovely. i can understand your hesitation with off-setting the "0"... but everything is in alignment on the left hand side. this is a hard one... hmmmm, what to do... i say let it be for a bit and then decide. yup. good luck! so perdy!

  2. You should consider putting the house numbers on the door, or mount them on a board that gets mounted to the wall next to the door, or somewhere else. They were not meant to go on a narrow post. Just b/c the old numbers were there doesn't mean the new ones must go there. Other than that, they are Fantastic numbers! I'm going to Amazon right now to look for the same sort!!


  3. Yeah, we might move them at some point, but I like them there for now.