Monday, July 19, 2010

Orange Door

Hey folks.
Sorry it's been a while --- I was off celebrating The Hobbit's and my 4 year anniversary.
But looky what I did yesterday and this morning!
Yup.  The Orange Door Cottage now actually fits its name.
No more cobalt blue like BEFORE. . .
The door is metal, which turned out to be a huge pain to paint.  I bought the good Dutch Boy Dirt Fighter Exterior stuff that works for metal, but I should have used a primer.  It took literally about 14 coats of paint to cover that sucker.  I hope to goodness it actually stays on (and yes, I sanded and cleaned first).

The color is Valspar's "Orange Maple." I love it!  Now it's starting to look more like our house. . . of course I see projects everywhere.
Siding needs to be pressure-washed, sidewalk ripped up and replaced with a curving flagstone path, that weird plumb tree blocking the roof view taken out (August 19th! Woohoo!), new steps, fencing, perhaps some actual plants. . .


  1. Hey Heather!
    I have been following your house blog since you started it! It is so much fun to see all of your projects come to life! I am so excited that you finally painted the door orange! Every time I check in, I wonder to myself..."is the door actually orange yet?" haha! Anyways, thanks for sharing, I am feeling inspired to do something with my house now!

  2. Thanks so much Becca! Yeah, I'm glad it's actually orange now ;). Have fun with your house!