Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes Please: Quirky Garden

I'm dreaming about the yard these days.  Probably because the weather has been so nice, but we have no where private to sit outside and enjoy it.  The yard is going to take a loooong time, purely because it's going to take me a looong time to come up with the $$ to do anything with it.  All the more time to dream up ideas I guess. . .

Kind of weird, but I have a thing for mushrooms.  I really want a big red mushroom with white spots to stick in the garden.  Then again, these muted neutral ones are pretty awesome. . .
photo via Compulsively Compiled

I am also in love with this lettered patio design. . . how awesome is that?
image via Studio G
And I'd really like a little collection of vintage metal lawn chairs because they're just spectacular.
image via Apartment Therapy (chair from Plow&Hearth)
There will probably be a lot of reds, yellows and oranges in my garden.  And the hobbit wants a gnome tucked in somewhere.  Maybe under my giant mushroom.  The neighbors will love us.

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  1. I'm going to trust that you weren't being sarcastic when you said your neighbors will love you. I think your dreams sound absolutely charming in every way. Too bad I'm not your neighbor!