Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yesterday I decided I'd about had enough and I tackled a bazillion projects.
Okay, not a bazillion.  But a lot.
So many that I ended up on the phone saying, "Moooooom, I need help!"

The terror that has been my office has been raising my stress level, so I took yesterday to tackle it.
In one day I. . . [with help from my amazing mom]

1]  Installed the curtain hardware in the livingroom and office
2] ironed and hung curtains in the livingroom and office
3] Installed curtain tie-backs
4] Cleaned up 80% of my office [the rest will get done on Sunday. . .my day off]
5] Washed and dried all the dishes in the kitchen
6] Did laundry
7] Vacuumed
8] Installed toast on my computer and burned about 14 back-up DVDs
9] Installed lighting in my office closet
10] Hung up all our artwork in the livingroom [it had been on the floor in my office]
11] Went to IKEA and bought the other shelf for the Hobbit's office, put it together and moved it in
12] Took out all the trash and recycling

Let's just say, my office doesn't look like this anymore . . . it will still be far from finished this week, but it'll be a heck of a lot better.

And now I'm going to go shoot a wedding.
I'll be back later with some pictures.  After I collapse on the couch tonight with some frozen yogurt and a mindless television show.

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