Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big FAT Fall/Winter To Do List

Besides all of my work-related to-do's this fall and winter, I am planning on getting a disgusting amount of work done on the house.  I mean a really gross amount.  That is, if I don't get too distracted by my hot chocolate or reality TV, or a combination of the two.

To keep me accountable, I am publishing my To-Do list here on the interwebs.  The stuff that's underlined is stuff I got to already.

10/22/10 Update: I've been checking back in to underline the stuff I'm getting done little by little.  See all the pretty underlines?  There are more than there used to be! But I keep adding to the to-dos too. . .
  • Do a treatment of some kind on bathroom mirror doors [tired of seeing self pee]
  • Move DVDs and VHS into IKEA boxes in the hall closet
  • Re-organize kitchen drawers to work better now that we've been here a while
  • Re-seal around front and back doors 
  • Re-finish or replace entry table
  • Refinish office cupboard
  • Have the Sheetrock hole in the laundry room patched
  • Scrub and paint the laundry room [the only one I didn't get to before we moved in, dang it]
  • Make + hang curtains in the laundry room
  • Get estimate on re-grouting the bathroom tile [or learn how to do it myself]
  • Hang hand towel holder in bathroom
  • Sand, prime and paint the dollhouse
  • Patch+Paint the ceiling around the new light fixture in the studio
  • Replace the Hobbit's library light fixture with something less fugly
  • Sell old storage ottomans [we have REAL storage now.  Booyah]
  • Sell/get rid of corduroy chair
  • Install Elfa shelving in home office/studio
  • Move childhood dollhouse home
  • Create sewing closet & light it
  • Hide all cords/cables in office
  • Create charging/camera gear station
  • Organize all the crap that's in tubs in our hall closet
  • Fix the bathroom sink stopper situation
  • Clean+Oil the Weiman tables
  • Scrape dead frog off the back door [no, seriously]
  • Hang heavier curtains in the studio [so as not to be blinded when working]
  • Hem curtains for hall closet
  • Hem Studio curtains
  • New filter/s for the heater
  • Re-pot the jade plant
  • Hang full length mirror
  • Remove mattress and tighten bolts on the bed frame [couldn't find a wrench when we set it up]
  • Oil door hinges
  • Fix south entry light
  • Get an estimate on getting the click-back sofa reupholstered
  • Get Click-Back sofa reupholstered
  • Get an estimate on having lighting wired into studio closet and bedroom closet
  • Install new hall light
  • Install new studio light
  • Install new light over kitchen sink
  • Install new light over dining table
  • Put up shelves of some kind in bedroom (for "pretties")
  • Organize my ridiculous collection of tools and hardware in the hall closet
  • Install curtain tie-backs in the bedroom

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Kitchen Sink Light

I hope to blog more regularly here this fall and winter when I actually have time!  Things have been crazy busy with work, so I haven't been able to post the little things I've been doing around the house.  We're slowly replacing the light fixtures.

I'm kicking myself because I can't find the iPhone "before" shot of the kitchen sink light.  Let me just say, it was a teeny tiny super old ugly thing that looked totally out of place up there.  After my whole light fixture fiasco, I finally decided to go with a FADO light from IKEA.  Not what I had originally pictured, but I like it a lot.

Look! Here it is off. . . and on.  Ta-da!

A note on the FADO design: I wasn't sure at first.  I thought it might be a little flimsy, but upon installing it I'm a huge fan.  Our house has really old wiring, so the wires in the electrical boxes are pretty stiff and hard to bend properly to fit inside.  I like the FADO design because you don't have to try to cram all your wires back up into the ceiling -- they just fold up nicely inside the ceiling attachment.

We also got an inexpensive medallion from "Home Cheapo" (as my dad says) because the fixture wasn't bigger than the hole in our ceiling.  It's plastic and gross-feeling, but it's pure white (which matches our paint) and once it's up it looks all special and not tacky.  Hooray.