Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big FAT Fall/Winter To Do List

Besides all of my work-related to-do's this fall and winter, I am planning on getting a disgusting amount of work done on the house.  I mean a really gross amount.  That is, if I don't get too distracted by my hot chocolate or reality TV, or a combination of the two.

To keep me accountable, I am publishing my To-Do list here on the interwebs.  The stuff that's underlined is stuff I got to already.

10/22/10 Update: I've been checking back in to underline the stuff I'm getting done little by little.  See all the pretty underlines?  There are more than there used to be! But I keep adding to the to-dos too. . .
  • Do a treatment of some kind on bathroom mirror doors [tired of seeing self pee]
  • Move DVDs and VHS into IKEA boxes in the hall closet
  • Re-organize kitchen drawers to work better now that we've been here a while
  • Re-seal around front and back doors 
  • Re-finish or replace entry table
  • Refinish office cupboard
  • Have the Sheetrock hole in the laundry room patched
  • Scrub and paint the laundry room [the only one I didn't get to before we moved in, dang it]
  • Make + hang curtains in the laundry room
  • Get estimate on re-grouting the bathroom tile [or learn how to do it myself]
  • Hang hand towel holder in bathroom
  • Sand, prime and paint the dollhouse
  • Patch+Paint the ceiling around the new light fixture in the studio
  • Replace the Hobbit's library light fixture with something less fugly
  • Sell old storage ottomans [we have REAL storage now.  Booyah]
  • Sell/get rid of corduroy chair
  • Install Elfa shelving in home office/studio
  • Move childhood dollhouse home
  • Create sewing closet & light it
  • Hide all cords/cables in office
  • Create charging/camera gear station
  • Organize all the crap that's in tubs in our hall closet
  • Fix the bathroom sink stopper situation
  • Clean+Oil the Weiman tables
  • Scrape dead frog off the back door [no, seriously]
  • Hang heavier curtains in the studio [so as not to be blinded when working]
  • Hem curtains for hall closet
  • Hem Studio curtains
  • New filter/s for the heater
  • Re-pot the jade plant
  • Hang full length mirror
  • Remove mattress and tighten bolts on the bed frame [couldn't find a wrench when we set it up]
  • Oil door hinges
  • Fix south entry light
  • Get an estimate on getting the click-back sofa reupholstered
  • Get Click-Back sofa reupholstered
  • Get an estimate on having lighting wired into studio closet and bedroom closet
  • Install new hall light
  • Install new studio light
  • Install new light over kitchen sink
  • Install new light over dining table
  • Put up shelves of some kind in bedroom (for "pretties")
  • Organize my ridiculous collection of tools and hardware in the hall closet
  • Install curtain tie-backs in the bedroom

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