Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Orange Door Christmas

I've been having way too much fun around here. I'm possessed by the spirit of Christmas!
In one of the photos above I gave you just the wee-est little glimpse of our mid-century click-back sofa which has been reupholstered -- the full reveal is coming up in the next post.

I do this ALL the time, but remember how these spaces USED to look?

We've come a long way!
I hope you have a very merry Christmas!  Or Hanukkah, or whatever else you'll be doing this week ;).


  1. Love your blog! Can I ask a question? Why do you have 3 different couches in your living room?

  2. Hi Amy! This question makes me chuckle -- only because I completely understand the insanity that is our couch collection! ;-)

    Here's the story: We [my husband and I] buy the brown leather couch. I'm not super stoked about how dark it looks in our new house, but it's soooo comfortable. I bought the click-back thinking it would take the place of the Brown Beast. Alas, the husband was not able to part with it. So then we had Click-Back AND Brown Beast.

    THEN I was looking for the perfect loveseat to fit in my office, because at that point I was thinking I'd be hosting clients in there. I found Little Orange, which I put temporarily in the living room until my office was ready for it.

    What happened? My husband fell in love with Little Orange, and I realized I needed to take my office a different direction.

    Ta-da! 3 freaking couches in our living-room and you know what? We LOVE it. We can have so many people over and it doesn't feel crowded at all. And I can't stand matchy-matchy furniture. So it works for us.

    But I know what you mean ;).