Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Art Corner

So you've all seen the office side of things.
Well. . . this is what's been lurking on the other side.  Yikes.

This past weekend I was able to tackle the whole thing.  I got the chalkboard cloud made and the mess cleaned up at last.  It's nothing super fancy, but it's my happy little art corner and it makes me smile.  Now I can finally clean all my art crap off the dining table!

So here it is folks. . .
 I have the orange chair to sit in if I'm tired of sitting in my desk chair.  The little wall-mounted shelves were something I had used in a previous apartment, and I'm glad I found a spot to make use of them again.
 Hanging from the chalkboard cloud are some wee miniature felted ball garlands I just started making for my brand new Etsy shop.  Yes, I have an Etsy shop!  If you didn't know already, I love making tiny versions of big things [there will be a lot more about that later], and I just started selling them. 
Here are the clouds before I hung the lamp. . . I like the way it looks without the lamp a lot, but it's a necessity thing.  I gotta see.  The little felt heart is something my husband cut out and put on one of my Christmas presents.   Ready?  Awe.

Now the only parts of my office you haven't seen is the sewing closet - which is dark and not very exciting, and the dollhouse wall - which IS exciting but soooooo not finished.


  1. I am so excited that you will be selling your miniatures on Etsy! Can't wait to see this dollhouse wall... I've really been enjoying the transformation of your home, your style is the perfect combination of crisp clean and warm comfort.

    Also, have you seen this D*S blog post on Currency?

  2. Thanks so much Kate! I'm excited to work on the dollhouse :). I'm a dork.

    And thanks for giving me the link to that article! I hadn't seen it -- they didn't contact me to ask if they could use the image. Good thing I don't mind ;).

  3. I like the lamp, it makes it a more 'worky' space.

    Thanks also for addressing the commenting issue so quickly. My comments aren't earth shattering but it's nice to leave an opinion :)

  4. Really surprised to see your pic posted on D*S with no link or credit to you. Had to laugh as their latest Biz Ladies post is all about blog ethics and crediting sources/seeking permission. No probs if you don't publish this as I understand it is off topic.

  5. Ha! Thanks Tara :). I don't mind since the article was written by one of the Design Sponge team members, so technically they already had permissions. A credit would've been nice, but ah well!

  6. This is so cute. Where did you get that oilcloth suitcase or tote?

  7. I want that orange chair. I NEED that orange chair!

    OH, and your blog get's INSTANT love just for the use of the word Orange in the title!

  8. Karen: The oilcloth suitcase was a gift from my Aunt Trisha, from her store in Seattle :).