Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Etsy Shop

Well this is the post where I could either intrigue you, or lose you completely.  I hope it's the former and not the latter. 

Most of you know I recently re-acquired my childhood dollhouse.  I haven't shown it to you yet -- it's going to undergo a big makeover of sorts, but having it in the house has reminded me how much I love tiny things. 

I feel like people who love tiny things get a bad rap.  Mostly because of creepy how-to videos like THIS one.  I love how you can't even understand what she's saying.  Poor thing.  I think she had strep.  Anyway. . . I find it difficult to admit in the real world how much I like miniature things without sounding like a crazy person.  But I do.  I love to make them.  It's a fantastic thing for me to be able to do to make it so I'm not working absolutely all the time at my real job.

So, in large part due to encouragement from my fellow tiny-thing-loving-not-crazy friend Rachel, she and I have opened up a little Etsy shop called Puttering to sell our wee creations.

Here is a peek.

We are screen-printing non-pink, non-cheesy bedding, and I'm making lots of other delicious little things.  The whole idea behind the Etsy shop called Puttering is to put the Orange Door Cottage style in miniature.  Hop on over and take a visit if you're interested.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Unless they're negative.  Then you can keep them to yourself.  I'm a sensitive miniature-thing-creating soul.


  1. Have to admit I'm not in love with miniature like yourself but I really like that the bed linen is modern and stylish not frilly patchwork.

  2. I am pleased as punch to have stumbled across not only an interior design blog but a miniatures crafter too! I also love tiny things, and would have many more scattered around my home if I HAD a home (I live in a NYC-small apartment). Dreams for a new apartment include a studio space for my boyfriend and me to craft figures and sets for stop motion animation :)

  3. Tara: Thanks! That's exactly what we're going for -- no cheesy pink in THIS etsy shop ;).

    Kate: Thanks so much! I actually put up another blog that's just for tiny etsy things if you'd like to check it out. I decided to keep the house blog and the shop blog separate. If you'd like to visit it's: