Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hall Closet

So remember way back when, when I said I was working on organizing the hall closet?  Yeah. . . I finally photographed it!  Once again, I love ELFA.  I've tried all manner of shelving systems, and Elfa just works.  It's totally worth saving up for, and they're incredibly sturdy and easy to use.

So here's a glimpse of what the hall closet looked like before we moved in. . . sorry for the crappy iPhone photo.
Pieces of this ridiculous shelving were missing, the whole thing was sagging and in general looked gag-worthy.  Poor little closet!  It needed some Elfa love.  My superhero friend Maricar helped me design the space, and then I waited until the shelving went on sale for 25% off to purchase.

I didn't have time to paint the inside before Maricar arrived to help me install, so we installed the top track and the broom holder first.  Isn't she adorable?

Then I patched all the holes the previous shelves had made in the walls, and painted over all the pencil lines etc. with the same fresh white I use in most of the house.

 Here's the closet, all freshly painted and shelves installed ready for STUFF.
I apologize for all the flash-lit photos [not as pretty as natural light], but the closet isn't lit.  Anyway, here's the stuff. . . 

The top shelf holds my suitcase and backpacking gear.  Next shelf is household items [like light bulbs etc.], Christmas decorations and such.  Next shelf is all our games and toys [no, we don't have kids.  We just like toys].  Next down are some of my painting supplies and tools.  And the bottom shelf is a tub for lighting supplies -- extension cords and such.

I also removed the bi-fold doors, installed a curtain rod and hung some nice [ahem, orange of course] curtains.  Done!


  1. Yay elfa!!!! Looks great! We LOVE elfa in our house (okay, I did used to work for The Container Store... LOL)! We have it in four rooms so far, and I am SO going to have it in all the rest some day... ;-)

  2. I never had this kind of shelves. Please tell me: why do you think they are so much better than the wooden ones? I'm about to purchasing a few (ok, not so few) shelves and had never thought about this type.