Friday, January 14, 2011

Make a No-Maintenence Terrarium

This no-care terrarium was one of my little weekend projects.  I’d had it in my head for months upon months and finally sat down with a friend to sculpt the little mushrooms.  Aren’t they cute?  And I can’t post this without giving a shout out to the fabulous Mudpuppy and Warm Country Meadows, who I was obviously inspired by.

I love REAL terrariums, but I am not the best at keeping house plants alive.  This doesn’t require light or water!
To make your own, all you need is. . .
I sculpted the little mushrooms and house out of the sculpey clay.  You’ll want to keep them pretty small so they’ll bake evenly.  Once shaped, I inserted small finish nails into the bases to act as stakes, but you could also use a nice thick wire.  Bake according to instructions.
Once cooled, paint and lacquer as desired.  You can then put your artificial moss rocks (they have Styrofoam centers) in any fun little container, and stick your sculptures in.  DONE!


  1. Hi Heather!
    I found you via Design*Sponge. I LOVE what you are doing to your house! From the letter hall, to the "I buttered the bed", to the orange door and white walls, etc., etc... I love your style! We are preparing to move and I'm so excited about the inspiration I've found in your house. Can't wait to see what else you do. Enjoy the process!

  2. Thanks so much Julie! Congrats on your upcoming move :).

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  4. Those are darling!