Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome Design Sponge Readers. . .

So imagine my surprise when I went from about 60 daily readers on this little house blog to well over 2,000.  See the adorable little chipmunk above for an accurate representation of my reaction.

Shyness aside, I am pleased as punch that you're here.  I've loved hearing from you and visiting your blogs [those of you who have linked to them in your comments].  Yes, I DO read them all, and will frequently comment back.

I wish I could say I'm a complete blog stud and can keep up with daily posts here, while at the same time maintaining my business blog.  Alas, that's not so much the case.  I do know, however, that winters as a wedding photographer are quite a bit slower and I will be blogging much more frequently than I will be later in the spring.  So, do please visit.

Some exciting projects I'm looking forward to at the Orange Door Cottage. . .
1] I have a landscape designer friend who is currently drawing up some beautiful plans for our front and backyards!  We are currently broke, so it will take a long time to implement, but I will be documenting the whole process.

2] I recently was re-gifted my childhood dollhouse that my mom built for me.  It's awesome.  And yes, I still love tiny things.  I actually have a whole re-vamp planned for the dollhouse I'm super excited about.  I'll be documenting that as well.

3] I will be revealing the other side of my office in not too long.  It's my art corner, full of paint-y goodness.

4] Various little organizational projects in the kitchen and bathroom, etc.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the main ones!  Thanks so much again for reading/seeing/talking.  I will be back again soon.  Tomorrow I have a talented friend coming over to help me style the office for another photo-shoot [a magazine wants to feature it!].  Eeep.

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