Friday, March 11, 2011

Vignettes and Spice

There is an even better reason than laziness for my lack of posting this winter: LIGHT!  We've had a serious lack of it around here, in spite of all our lovely North facing windows.  It really puts a damper on my interior photography endeavors.  I am hoping that the removal of the ornamental cherry trees, and trimming the cedar tree up will help bring more light into our living-room.  We shall see!

I am by nature an impatient person, so as you can imagine having to wait to take on new projects is pure TORTURE.  I mean, seriously.  If my parents hadn't instilled level-headed-ness in me, I would be in some serious credit card debt on the home remodeling front.  I want to buy paint.  And wood.  And plants.  And a new washing machine.  And, and. . .

But I am contenting myself with making new little vignettes with what we have.  Like so. . .

Also organizing.  This is how we do our spices.  The Container Store has these awesome little magnetic spice things I'm sure you've seen in a bazillion other places before.  We keep them on the side of our fridge next to the stove.  Like this. . .
Okay.  Now who wants to buy me some cedar?

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  1. I totally understand. I too have dozens of projects I would like to spend on. Not huge individually but insurmountable collectively. Problem is if I'm working a lot I don't have time for projects, and if I'm not working, no money for projects.