Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. 
We got a late start on decorating for it this year.  As in, we just did it yesterday.  Honestly though, it was really fun doing all this on Halloween Eve!  Mike and I went to TWO pumpkin patches, drank almost an entire half gallon of cider, carved pumpkins, watched MST3K zombie movies and had a grand old time. 

We did everything [including decorations and candy] for about $30.00.  The wreath and black leaves I already had from last year.  We added the cheap plastic spiders on some thread.  Totally makes the wreath.

I moved the chalkboard out from my office, and put it on the upturned umbrella bucket [IKEA].  We scattered the pumpkins around and done.  Easy but colorful and fun.

Please avert your eyes from the filth on our welcome mat.  I need to shake that out today. . .

Happy Halloween everyone!

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