Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a pretty freaking fantastic holiday season this year.  Partly because we got to sleep right next to the Christmas tree.  And we can't move it back yet because I haven't painted the bedroom yet.  Ooooh, darn.  We'll just have to leave it like this for a couple more weeks. 

Here's our winter wonderland. . .

Above: you can see we finally parted with the big brown couch, so now we just have two couches like most normal people.  Except our bed is in the living-room, so we're clearly not normal.
 Above: our crazy nativity scene, complete with Batman and a Guatemalan Mary and Joseph with a giant Caucasian baby Jesus.
Above: That's Stewy the Christmas Angel on the left [I made him quite a while ago], and a new ornament for this year.  It's an orange door cottage!  I found it at a local antique mall.
Above: the wreath was similar to last year, but with the addition of the metal flower I purchased at Crafty Wonderland in Portland this year.
Above: these two cuties are new this year, also found at our local antique mall.  On the right is a Santa I found last year, and this year I found his snowman friend!

I hope you all had fantastic New Year parties and are excited for the months to come. 

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  1. Oh man, I looooove your living room/bedroom!! So awesome!